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What is BOOKDodUm? ‘BOOKDodUm’ is a term symbolizing the goal of the ‘KU Sejong Reading Plan’ which is being pursued to foster creative leaders equipped with humanistic knowledge and expertise through reading. Reading Club 01purpose A . Through the ‘2022 KU Sejong Reading Plan’ book report contest program, the goal is to increase the reading […]

How to use E-learning

E-learning Usage Scope You can only use this service inside the campus after logging in. Some of the contents are available even when you are outside of the campus. The video might not work in Windows XP. In this case, make sure to try again after upgrading to the latest version of Windows Media Player […]

How to Use

UN Library EU Documentation Center OECD Introduction (UN Library) A library filled with documents published by the UN (i.e., Minutes of Meeting, Yearbook, Statistics, Reports, etc.). There are a total of 10 UN Libraries in Korea at this moment (National Assembly (1979), Seoul Nat. Univ (1992), Yonsei Univ. (1994), National Library (1997), Pusan Univ. (1998), […]

List by UN Institution

List by UN Institution 1. ADB: Asian Development Bank 2. CEPAL: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean 3. ECA: Economic Commission for Africa 4. ECE: Economic Commission for Europe 5. ESCWA: Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia 6. ESCAP: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 7. FAO: Food and […]

Thesis by Department

본교 수여 석박사 학위 논문을 학과별로 볼 수 있습니다. (각 계열별 학과명 가나다순 정렬) 해당 논문들은 고려대학교 dCollection에서도 동일하게 이용 가능합니다. dCollection 바로가기 일반대학원 특수대학원 전문대학원 의학계열 일반대학원 학위논문 리스트 인문 / 사회계 경영학과(Department of Business Administration) […]

Loan, Return, Renew & Lost Items

Loan (Data/Material) After finding the material/data that you want in each library, you can identify yourself using your ID card (student card, staff card) and borrow the material/data at the automated loan/return machine or 2F Integrated loan/return room # of Materials you can loan at once + Maximum loan period Type # of Books Loan […]

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Off Campus Access Service Members of Korea University can have access to electronic information (web-based academic DB, e-journal, etc.) only available inside the campus through Off Campus Access Service. How to Use Off Campus Access Service This is a service that can be used to gain access to WebDB, E-Journal, E-Book, etc. from outside of […]

Search & finding Guide

Library Holdings Materials such as books, serials(publications), thesis/dissertations, non-book materials, historical books, etc., can be searched using our search engine. Articles It is a meta-search system that enables you to search various types of electronic information sources such as Web DB, Electric Journal, e-Book, Encyclopedia, etc., that are subscribed by the library. The search results […]

Use Policy

Precuations Legal Use of Electronic Resources Precuations The electronic resources that are subscribed by this school shall be used according to the legal procedures, purposes, and means specified in domestic/foreign copyright laws and license agreements. Illegal use of these electronic resources will lead to legal/economical sanctions. Cases of Illegal Use Downloading the Full text using […]