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Old Maps

How to use Historical Map You can search for digitalized Historical Maps (40 maps, 726 pages) which has high academic value and rarity. Currently, there are a total of 40 original images of Historical Maps (726 pages) in our system. You can view/use the original text without logging in (both inside and outside of the […]

How to Use

The FRIC (Foreign Research Information Center) is a part of a national project implemented by the Ministry of Education and KERIS (Korea Educational Research Information Service) to ‘prevent overlapping subscriptions of foreign journals by institution, and create a solid infrastructural foundation to enable the strategic use of foreign academic information.’ As a part of this […]

How to Use

DDS (Domestic) DDS (Foreign) Cost-Support Policy DDS (Domestic) DDS (Document Delivery Service) is a service that allows the users to receive a copy of a material that is not currently owned by the Korea Univ. Library by requesting domestic/foreign partner institutions. Applications can be made mainly through the KERIS, RISS, ScieceON(old NDSL) of KISTI   […]

International Organizations Reference Room(UN/EU/OECD)

UN Depository Library EU Documentation Center OECD Depository Library Introduction (UN Library) A library filled with documents published by the UN (i.e., Minutes of Meeting, Yearbook, Statistics, Reports, etc.). There are a total of 10 UN Libraries in Korea at this moment (National Assembly (1979), Seoul Nat. Univ (1992), Yonsei Univ. (1994), National Library (1997), […]

Collection Statistics

Book Status (May. 2020, Accumulated Count) Material Type Material Status Total Number of Holding Materials 3,306,465 Books Book Domestic 1,422,448 Books Foreign 848,257 Books Serial Publications Domestic 273,390 Books Foreign 346,373 Books Hanjeok   107,618 Books Thesis   217,580 Books Non-book Material Non-book   90,799 Pieces   Digital Content Status Resource Type Resource Status Remark […]

Rules of the library

Library regulation Regulations on Library Use Regulations for Development of Books Regulations for Management of Books Deposit Regulation on Library Pub. Chapter 1 General Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this regulation is to enhance the unity and efficiency of the official affairs by defining the organization and operation of the library (collectively, the Main […]