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Technology Facilities

Library Copy/Printing Service

  • In the copy room, the user can copy various materials/books within the current copyright law. *The user MUST respect the copyright of the author and publishing rights of the publisher.
Notification of Actual Legal Limitations / Regulations Regarding Data Duplication (Copying)
Under the current copyright law, the copyright holder has the right to duplicate/copy all of his/her works. However, Article 28 of the current Copyright Act stipulates few exceptions (i.e., noncommercial use for investigation & research purposes). According to Article 28 of the current Copyright Act, users are allowed to copy a part of the book/material (max. one copy) for noncommercial investigation/research purposes. Therefore, in our copy room, we strictly prohibit the copying of materials/books beyond the scope of the current Copyright Act. All users must be aware of this in advance to make sure that you DO NOT suffer from civil and criminal penalties/punishment.
  • Copy Room
Location Contact Provided Services
Sejong Library 1F Copy Room 044-860-1986 Copy (Black & White/Color), Printer (Black & White/Color), Binding
  • Unmanned Card Print/Copying Machine
Hana SquareB1Laptop Room1
Floor Location # of Installed Machines
1F Locker Room (Student Council Management) 2
3F Serials Room 1
  • Price
-Unmanned Copying Card : 35 KRW / page (paper A4 size)
-Manned Copying : 60 KRW / page
-Color Printing/Copying : A4-500 KRW
  • Scan
  • Information on Use
– The Scanner in Serials Room is connected to a dedicated PC. Do not use the PC outside of its intended purpose. – Make sure to delete personal data after scanning.