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Old Books Lining Collection

How to Use Historical Book Lining Collection

  • Korea University Library is the only university library in Korea that is currently working on a maintenance/preservation project of Hanjeoks (Chinese/Classic Books). Since 2009, we have invited a professional cultural heritage (paper/book) conservation specialist to preserve Hanjeoks using a traditional ‘Lining’ method.

  • The ‘Lining’ process is an important preservation process that enhances the preservability of historical books that were damaged due to flooding, corrosion, etc. and is a process that lays the foundation for future digital archiving.

  • Through this web page, you can see how the preservation process is performed. Also, the ‘List of Historical Books (Before/After Lining)’ shows the before & after images of materials that have gone through the preservation process. Through this, we hope to solidify our status as one of the nation’s leading institutions in the field of ancient book preservation/conservation, while helping our users to understand the importance of cultural assets and preservation of cultural heritage

Contact US

  • Main Library, Academic Information Reading Dept, Han Jeok Room : 02-3290-1503