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E-learning Usage Scope

  • You can only use this service inside the campus after logging in. Some of the contents are available even when you are outside of the campus.
The video might not work in Windows XP. In this case, make sure to try again after upgrading to the latest version of Windows Media Player that can be used in your current OS.

E-learning Service List


Provider Site Name & Shortcut URL Description Usage Scope
Eduwill Providing up-to-date courses for civil servants of Grade 7 and Grade 9 Special lectures, such as lectures on police officers and employment/career/ current affairs, etc.
Providing up-to-date courses for civil servants of Grade 7 and Grade 9 affairs, etc.
ITGO IT Fundamentals, OA, OS, Graphics, Internet, Programming, Design, IT Certification
Academic Video Online: Premium (AVON) A collection of over 50,000 video streams for all subjects selected for academic use
Academic/liberal arts video NSI Demand Policy Forum (2006-2008), World Knowledge Forum (2003-2005)Digital Culture and Arts Lecture (East Media), Knowledge Lecture Library (Korea Univ TV)
a series of lectures by authors, Nobel Prize winners, etc.
Darakwon Language Learning One hundred eighty courses including English (New TOEIC/Conversation, etc.)/ Chinese (Conversation/New HSK, etc.)/ Japanese (Conversation/JLPT, etc.)/Topic and other languages (4).
KoreaA2Z(Digital Culture and Art Class) ◎ Various and high-quality humanities video courses are provided, including philosophy, literature, culture and arts, humanities and culture, music and art.
Virtual-LAB ◎ E-learning content that provides a protocol for biochemistry and molecular biology experiments. This resource can be used as teaching material for experiments in related majors.
O'REILLY-Safari Collection ◎ It is a content platform provided by O'Reilly, the best publisher in the IT field. It provides over 49,000 contents such as IT books, videos, and participating learning tools (Learning Paths, Interactive Tutorials), Case Studies, and O'Reilly Conference Videos.