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Multimedia Material Production

Multimedia Material Production Service

The library provides free ‘Multimedia Material Production Service’ to faculty members and administrative departments to help lectures, researches, and administrative affairs.


Service Contet

  • Video Shooting Service

– We will film seminars, lecturing sessions, symposiums, international academic conferences, and public lectures that are of high academic value (editing service included).
– If you agree to the video contents service, the content will be provided on the library website.

  • Multimedia Material Conversion Service

– We will convert multimedia contents into various forms, including DVD, CD, VHS Tape, VIDEO/AUDIO File, etc.

① VIDEO Tape(VHS) Material → Convert to DVD, CD, or Computer Files
② Tape/Files filmed with a camcorder → Convert to DVD, CD, or Computer Files
③ DVD, CD Material → Convert into files that can be played in PC (avi, wmv, mkv, etc.)

  • Multimedia Material Editing Service

– We will provide editing services for your multimedia lecture files.


Service Application

  • You can apply for the services on the ‘Multimedia Material Production Service’ page.
  • If you want VOD service on the library homepage, please download and fill out the permission form attached below and submit it with the signature of the lecturer (or an official seal of the head of the event hosting institution)
  • If you have any relevant materials (i.e., event guide, PPT materials, word files, etc.) to help the production, please submit them to us.


※ Video Content Production & Service Permission Form Download

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