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Off Campus Access

Off Campus Access Service

Members of Korea University can have access to electronic information (web-based academic DB, e-journal, etc.) only available inside the campus through Off Campus Access Service.

How to Use Off Campus Access Service

  • This is a service that can be used to gain access to WebDB, E-Journal, E-Book, etc. from outside of the campus. (Only available for the members of Korea University)
  • Log in to the library homepage without any additional configuration to use the Off campus access service for electronic resources.
  • However, this service may not be available to certain users depending on the current status, loan availability, overdue status, etc
  • You must log in through the URL/Banner Link of the electronic resources provided (searched) in the homepage.
  • Off Campus Access is available in various devices such as IE, Firefox, and Safari, as well as PCs, smartphones, regardless of the OS.

How to Use Off Campus Access Service 1

  • Log in to the library homepage and click on the E-Information (Academic DB, e-Journal, etc.) URL.

How to Use Off Campus Access Service 2

How to Use Google Scholar

  • If you are using Google Scholar outside of the campus, you can use the ‘See Full Text’ service through the following method:
  • After accessing Google Scholar site through the library website, go to Menu > Setting > > Library Link and register the items ‘Korea University Library -Find it@Korea Univ’and ‘KOREA UNIVERSITY LIBRARY-Find it@Korea Univ’ to use the ‘See Full Text’ service.

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