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Introduction(AYEON East Asia Library)

Korea University began managing North Korea-related data in 1961 after the Asiatic Research Institute received permission to study communism-related issues/materials for the first time in Korea. In 1978, Korea University Library has launched an Archiving/Reading service for professors/teachers of Korea Univ. after the library started managing the North Korea-related data of the Asiatic Research Institute. Following the revision of related laws, anyone can read, copy, and borrow the materials for research purposes. (※ Only organizations that have received 「Authorization to Handle Special Data」 can own/service North Korea-related data/materials)


Collection Information

  • Collection: Books/Special Materials (North Korean Materials) and serial publications in the field of Social Science & Liberal Arts related to the Asia area (Korea, China, Japan, etc)
  • Main Materials: Special Data (North Korea-related Data), Serial Publications, Microfilm, Newspaper, etc.

How to Use

    Material Type Viewing Borrow Copy Remarks
    Books O O O
    • ID card and a Pledge is required to view special data
    • Loan Term (Maximum) / # of books: 30 Days, 5 Books
    • Copied materials must be returned within 30 days
    Serial Publications O X O

Contact Us

  • Asiatic Research Institute : 02-3290-1602