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Dissertation Submission

1. Online Submission Guide

Submission Period : 2022.06.22(Wed) 09:00 ~ 2022.07.06(Wed) 16:30


  • Online Submission is only available within the submission period and is available 24 hours a day. (※ Submission is not allowed except for submission period)
  • Submitted bibliography and file verification work will be processed from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:30 on weekdays. (Medical department weekdays 09:00~12:00, 13:00~17:30 minutes)
  • For inquiries such as approval/return and replacement of submitted papers, please contact each submission library below.
  • The submitted thesis file must have the same content, editing, and composition as the completed (booklet) thesis.
  • The In-File Confirmation Paper (Confirm Auditor) page requires you to enter the name of the judge. (unsubmission scan file of the judge’s signature and stamp)
  • Recommended web browser: Google Chrome, Firefox (※ Opera, Internet Explorer not recommended)

Submission method

※ Online Submission Manual :  Menual 

1. Login After logging in to the library’s homepage, click My Space > Submission of Dissertation > Submission of Dissertation(dCollection) Click ( automatic login link to the submission site )
(However, for submitters whose master’ s/doctoral status is not activated, when logging in, select the graduate status from multiple identity lists)
If you access the submission site directly (https://dcollection.korea.ac.kr) your ID is your student number, and your password is your password for the library website.
2. Submission of materials In the menu at the top of the submission site, click “Submit data” or click “Submit a dissertation” at the bottom of the search box → Click “Submit data” → Select the submission target and click Submit
※ However, when submitting or returning, revising or resubmitting, you can check the “Submission History” in the top menu.
On the Submit page, Confirm/Modify User Information → Enter meta-Info → Select Permission to Use Authorization and CCL → Upload File (PDF Recommended) → Confirm Submission
3. Thesis verification (administrator) Manager verifies whether the thesis verification process is appropriate for the meta-information of the dissertation and the basic format of the original text to be built online.
※ Submission of thesis verification work is conducted by the library staff and takes about 1 to 2 business days (weekdays) (weekdays 09:00~12:00, 13:00~16:30 / medical class weekdays 09:00~12: 00, 13:00~17:30 minutes)
4. Printing a confirmation document After receiving the ‘Approved’ message by text/mail, the submission details at the top of the submission site include the “copyright agreement” and the “submission confirmation.
※ If you receive a ‘return’ message, check the “Reasons” in the submission details at the top of the submission site, modify it, and resubmit it.

2. Information on submitting booklets (complete copies)

Submission Period: 2022.07.04(Mon) 09:00 ~ 2022.07.06(Wed) 16:30 (Medical Affiliation 08:30~17:30)

Cautions and Submission Methods

  • Submission of the completed paper must be carried out after the Submission of the online paper. (The binding of the complete book proceeds separately, regardless of online approval.)
  • Preparations for submitting the completed thesis
  • – Completed copies (booklets) of the specified number of copies
    – Authorization for work use & request for nondisclosure of the thesis (if conditional or non-consent to use work, confirmation of guidance/director)
    – Confirmation of Submission

  • Submission to the library (designated libraries for each major)
  • – Complete version (book) thesis
    – Permit-to-use Works & Degree Paper Non-disclosure Request (Supervisor/Professor Confirmed)

  • Submission to graduate school (Administrative Office of the Affiliate Department)
  • – Confirmation of Submission (confirmed the Submission of the booklet from the library)
    – A copy of the inlay of the completed book (Inner Cover + Review Completed Confirmation Page)
    – Thesis Plagiarism Prevention Program Inspection Confirmation (newly added after 2018)
    ※ After Turnitin examination, submit ‘Digital receipt’ together from result download page

The number of paper submitted

Master’s, Ph.D., Master’s and Doctorate Integrated Course: 4 copies of hardcover (6 copies of the law, 3 copies of medical science, 3 copies of Sejong Campus)
※ Common: Request for Submission of a printed copy (copies) including the judge’s seal (sign)

Submission and Inquiries

Division Graduate School Library in charge (Submission) Contact
Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Labor, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Media, Graduate School of Policy Main Library (New Building) 2F 203 02-3290-1472
Natural/Health Science General Graduate School of Natural Sciences/Health Science, Graduate School of Convergence KU-KIST, Graduate School of Energy and Environment (Green School), Graduate School of Technology Management, Graduate School of Information Security, Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Graduate School of Computer and Information Communication Science Library 3F 313 02-3290-4226
Medical science General Graduate School of Medicine/Nursing, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Health, Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry Medical Library 3rd Floor Archives 02-2286-1262
All Sejong Campus All Sejong Affiliated Graduate Schools, Professional Graduate Schools, Business Information Graduate Schools, Cultural Sports Graduate Schools, and Medical Science Graduate Schools Academic Information Center 2nd Floor 044-860-1805

Reference Material

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